Our Story

The story of Soxers has a non-traditional beginning because my intention was not to start a company at all. Fashion trends (and my wife) forced me, the working professional, into tighter and tighter clothing, especially my dress pants. As a result, my boxers were constantly riding up and I was consumed with all the ways I could slyly adjust my underwear back to its natural state. This adjustment, whether at the office or in a public place, became a true art in the form of a pull through my pocket, a thigh tug or a leg shake. Later my wife would coin this pet-peeve of hers as a “manjustment”.

There had to be a product already on the market to solve my problem, in fact I assumed it would be covered by my Prime membership and that would be the end of it. Thousands of searches later, I quickly realized that while “no ride up” was a common promise from brands, there was no true solution. So I did what any man would have done in my situation: I found the closest Joann’s Fabric and took a series of sewing classes to solve my own manjusting issue.

After countless hours, errors and iterations the Soxer product was born – a never-been-done before mechanism to attach your socks to your boxers leaving all garments under your pants perfectly in place.

After wearing, testing and enjoying my own product for months, I feel it’s now my responsibility to share the magic of Soxers with the world. While many men have fatefully accepted that manjusting is par for the course, we passionately believe in ending the manjustment for all. No more groin grabs, pocket pulls or thigh tugs for the professional man, groom or skinny-jean wearing hipster.

I invite you to join our mission, try a Soxer and live a better life with your socks up and boxers down!

You’re welcome…enjoy…