Our Cause


Whether you're a pocket pulldown or no-shamer type of guy, I think we all can agree manjusting is a small problem compared to real challenges that many men face in our community. The Soxers product was born to solve a real problem, and we're proud to use this as a platform to help address larger issues for men in need.

It's a privilege to be teaming up with Socks’n Undies, an organization focused on collecting and distributing undergarments to men, women, and children who are homeless. While suits and ties can easily be donated, ironically, underwear is rarely accepted. Soxers will be donating new, high-quality underwear and socks to Socks’n Undies to ensure every man has access to clean undergarments. After all, it's what's underneath that counts :)

Thank you to all fellow manjusters for being part of this cause and #manjustingforgood.


“Socks’n Undies is supported 100% by volunteers. All donations go directly to people who are in need. By working closely with its partners, Socks’n Undies collect items that are needed most and then distributes them quickly and efficiently”

Please read more about Socks’n Undies here.