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What is a Soxer?

Man–justment (noun)

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How do you Manjust?

You’ve seen it – and let’s be honest you do it too.

And there’s more than one way to manjust. How one chooses to  manjust is a very personal preference and goes hand in hand with a man’s identity.

Hear it from fellow manjusters!

I came for the promise of “no-ride up” but stayed for how comfortable the material is. I need a pair for every day of the week!

Jason S.

Hear it from fellow manjusters!

"Soxers are great! They provide a practical solution to the bunching and manjusting problem that every guy has dealt with their entire life!"

Joey C.

Hear it from fellow manjusters!

"I love the way these fit and feel. So comfortable during the day, I forget I'm even wearing them!"

Ben S.

I wear dress socks under my slacks everyday and my biggest problem was that my socks would always fall down my leg. Soxers completely fixed that issue for me - Socks up!

Zack M.

The fabric is so soft and provides all day comfort. The soxers design solves an everyday problem in a simple way.

Anthony M.